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Following links are for further information about Icelandic settlers in Canada and for those iterested in the genealogy.  Nelson's website, Voyage into the past  The Heritage Museum  Icelandic National League  Lögberg Community Newspaper

Further links for general information about Canada and Iceland-Canada relations  Gimli Community Web  Riverton Manitoba Web  Hecla Tourism Web  Festival Manitoba - Islendingadagurinn  Winnepeg Places of Interest Gimli Webcam Ströndin Internet Radio The Emigration from Iceland to N-America The Icelandic Emigration Center at Hofsos Icelandic National League / Þjóðræknisfélag Íslendinga Icelandic Main source of relations / Íslendingabók (password required)

http://www./mannanofn Icelandic male names

http://www./mannanofn/ Icelandic female names The Snorri program Embassy of Iceland – Ottava, Canada The Manitoba Historical Society Hecla Oasis Resort Pétursson Family Reunion Site (at Hecla 2008) Iceland Express Airlines

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